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At the Core of my Values

Life hasn’t always been easy.  Having grown up with multiple learning disabilities and socialization problems (read An Autistic’s Personal Perspective) I had to struggle through school and college, getting a job, and establishing myself in society.  My only saving grace … Continue reading

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Retirement, Its Upsides and Downsides

I retired at the age of 65 after a good career with a good company.  It was a choice I freely made.  My work required quite a bit of traveling and I was tiring of so much travel.  I knew … Continue reading

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What if there were no Federal Regulatory Agencies?

Political conservative pundits complain that the federal government is too big with all its regulatory agencies.  What if we did as the conservatives wished, reduce government by letting free enterprise regulate itself?  What if we abolished all our federal regulatory … Continue reading

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Hints for Saving Money and the Environment

Let me start by saying that I am fortunate to live in California’s San Francisco Bay Area where we have moderate Mediterranean climate.  So relative to much of the nation our utility consumptions are modest.  But most of the suggestions … Continue reading

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Global Warming Require Lifestyle Changes

I have been an environmentalist much of my adult live.  I have fought industrial pollution and live a life that is low in energy and water consumption.  Though I live in a modest two story house my utility bill is … Continue reading

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A Republican Case for Climate Action

4 Republican EPA appointees who are political conservatives urge conservatives in an opinion article in the New York Times to believe in the preponderance of scientific evidence that global warming is real and to fully support efforts by President Obama to dramatically curb greenhouse gases emissions. They stressed the urgency for this “before warming becomes “locked in.”” Continue reading

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U.S.’s Responsible for World Instability

Just as the US bears much responsibility for the violence and instability of Near East countries due to our oil interests and because of our friendship with Israel, we also bear much responsibility for the drug wars and political instability … Continue reading

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