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Expectations, an Autistic’s Personal Perspective

I am a senior citizen with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. Over the last more than 70 years of life, I have learned how to compensate for my personality disorder and almost appear normal. But under that facade of normality is … Continue reading

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Adult Autism (ASD) – Living in a Vacuum

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has, in recent decades, received much attention and press. It appears that the rate of ASD is increasing. No one is certain if this increase is real or simply because educators, parent, physicians, etc. are looking for it more closely than before. Perhaps it is both. There are many clinics, schools, and psychologists who specialize in treating children with diagnosed ASD. But ASD is not curable. People can teach children with ASD how to better cope with this disorder and to improve social and communication skills. But people with ASD have it for life and those with high functioning ASD such as myself have to struggle to fit in with society throughout adulthood. Continue reading

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So Wanting to be Understood

I have written in the past about my social and mental impairments and my struggle growing up and trying to fit in to society. I think I have autistic spectrum disorder but am very high functioning so most people cannot tell I have a problem. I simply seem shy and somewhat withdrawn. But there are far too many symptoms to simply conclude that shyness is my only problem. I also have a number of learning deficiencies such poor comprehension, dyslexia, and an exceptionally poor memory. But fortunately my cognitive abilities are not impaired. Continue reading

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Late Bloomer – A Life in Slow Motion

I am the epitome of a late bloomer. I’ve already written about some of my mental and social impairments. My unusually poor memory and such disabilities as dyslexia have hampered my normal development as a child making me a late talker and very slow and poor learner. I was always at the bottom of my class throughout elementary and high school where I repeated two grades, and did poorly in college. Learning has always been slow, tedious, and often seemingly torturous. Continue reading

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Autism and Life as a Senior

I must first preface this article by saying that I have never been formally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  However I was unofficially diagnosed by one of my children 3 years ago who taught autistic children and received a graduate … Continue reading

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Brawns over Brains in the U.S.

It seems to me that sports here in the U.S. is a dominant pastime.  To call it a pastime is even an understatement; perhaps obsession is more appropriate.  It dominants our TV newscast, occupying almost as much time as all … Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful Life

We often do not realize how lucky we are until we somehow see how life could have easily taken a turn for the worst as in the Frank Capra film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. This post is a reflection of my trials and ultimate victories against odds in life. Continue reading

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Autism and the Lack of Spirituality

My personal reasons why autistic individuals do not experience spirituality as an autistic is because they are unable to pick up on subliminal signals (unknown to science at this point) from others. Continue reading

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An Autistic’s Personal Perspective

I am a high functioning autistic adult and would like to reveal a little of what life has been like and how I have compensated for both autism and a number of learning disabilities in a badly mis-wired brain. Continue reading

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