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100 Years from Now: The Complete Series

In the past year I have given some thought to what the future would look like a hundred years from now given the state of science today and the effects of global warming, diminishing natural resources, and a populations of over twice what it is today (population control will be in effect). One thing is clear, the word Sustainable will be far more than a buzzword. It will be a way of life. Continue reading

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100 Years from Now: Part 14 – Education

One of the primary purposes of education is to provide one with the tools to live a productive life. A large part of our traditional definition of productive is to become employable. The other is to give us other values of enjoyment and appreciation for things not focused upon work or earning a living. As describes in ‘100 Years from Now: Part 8 – Jobs and Economics’ both jobs and money 100 years from now may not even exist. Technology will literally become our willing slave making the need to make a living obsolete. Continue reading

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Education Failures Ripe for Vouchers

U.S. ranks among the lowest in math and science literacy in our public schools among developed and developing nations yet spends more per student on education than anywhere in the world. The question is how is this country to continue its leadership in technology and as an industrial nation as other nations quickly catch up and pass us by? For decades we have been arguing over how to increase the literacy and graduation rates of our public schools. While we have made some modest progress Asian and European nations outpace us in education and are on the verge of surpassing us as innovative technological and industrial nations. Since public education is failing to serve the needs of the next generation I think it about time we give serious consideration to school vouchers to give our public schools some serious free-market competition. Continue reading

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Brawns over Brains in the U.S.

It seems to me that sports here in the U.S. is a dominant pastime.  To call it a pastime is even an understatement; perhaps obsession is more appropriate.  It dominants our TV newscast, occupying almost as much time as all … Continue reading

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Is Education in the US Ripe for an Overhaul?

I was fortunate to have receiving my elementary and middle school education as well as one year of high school in the US and all my high school abroad under the British System in the 1950’s.  This gave me a … Continue reading

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Education, Another Perspective

Much has been made about America being the center of innovation.  Proponents of our educational system have claimed that it is our emphasis on the arts and creative thought as opposed to memorization and focusing on the mechanics of science … Continue reading

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