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This blog reflects my experiences as an Asian American growing up as an impressionable child with learning and social impairments and later as an adult living with autism. These experiences sensitized me to the plight of others as expressed in ouR Social Conscience.

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  • COVID-19 is a Global Effort (7/11/2022) - We should approach preparations for future pandemics by forming a global consortium of nations that funds an international think tank and research center focused on the next pandemic and developing a global strategy for fighting it and finding medical solutions. … Continue reading
  • The Supreme Court’s Partisan Divide (7/20/2021) - There can be little doubt that the current Supreme Court is politically biased. When ruling on major politically polarized cases, the court is divided along party lines. One can almost guarantee the decisions of those cases. There are no longer … Continue reading
  • COVID Reveals US National Security Vulnerability (12/20/2020) - It occurred to me last night just how vulnerable the United States is to Biological attach from a cultural perspective. There is a substantial segment of our population that does not take pandemics seriously or take orders from our government … Continue reading
  • If Only America had taken COVID-19 Seriously (12/16/2020) - If we had quickly shut down our borders as in 911 and treated this as a national security threat or war, we could have controlled the initial spread of COVID-19. Continue reading
  • A Case for the Benefits of Face Masks Against COVID-19 (12/16/2020) - The amount of COVID-19 exposure determines how severe one gets sick. If the exposure is light by wearing a face mask, you will get a light case of the disease, which your immune system can fight off without being overwhelmed, making you asymptomatic. You then become resistant to it because your immune system is activated. Continue reading
  • COVID-19: Being Our Brothers’ Keepers (7/1/2020) - We have a cultural problem in the US where the emphasis upon individual rights over what best benefits society as a whole. It is a macho individualistic culture reflective of the Wild West. There is a lack of cooperation, compassion, … Continue reading
  • What’s All the Rush? (6/28/2020) - I consider myself an American progressive and maybe even a liberal. But I can very well relate to why in some more American conservative in parts of my country may consider we out West far too progressive. I do believe … Continue reading
  • Our Young Must Save the World from US and Enact Social Change (6/6/2019) - The needs of our young voters are not being adequately served by our government at all levels. The problem is that elected officials are mostly middle aged or older individuals who have little on common with our youth. So their needs and issues are underrepresented. Continue reading
  • 2nd Amendment – What you probably didn’t Know (5/26/2019) - To truly understand the entire context of the 2nd Amendment one must truly understand the concerns of state legislators at the time it was written by James Madison around 1789. There is a window into that time in history and the thinking that went into the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Right through the Federalist Papers. Continue reading
  • CARS, Cars, and more cars? (5/21/2019) - Cars have enabled most of what we enjoy today. They have given us far greater mobility than ever before and to do it in great comfort and convenience. But cars have created their on problems of traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gases. The drawbacks are starting to outweigh its benefits. Continue reading