ThinkerI started this blog soon after retiring.  It reflects my experiences growing up as an impressionable Chinese American child with learning and social impairments and later as an adult living with these disabilities.  I was sometimes the object of bullying and racism and having to deal with a dual culture and identity.  These experiences sensitized me to the plight of the underrepresented and mistreated and the way I viewed ouR Social Conscience.  Though I am agnostic my Christian upbringing influences many of my values.

I can’t stop being amazed at how really fortunate I have been throughout most of my life.  I’ve had an amazing career and have a terrific family, neither of which I had any right to expect.  But life was often very challenging.  I feel I learned the most during my greatest struggles making me a far more understanding and compassionate person.

Because of my socialization and learning impairments I often think differently than many in my life.  My perspective on life is somehow different because I am different.  I am full of contradictions.  I cannot read (dyslexia) but I write a lot even though I have trouble editing my posts.  I am out of touch with the feelings of others but am a very feeling person.  I am a very poor student but I went through college.  I am sad at how things often turned out but hopeful of how they can succeed because that has been my life.  It is as if I am living two opposing lives.

I write to further develop and clarify my thoughts and understanding of social issues and life’s many challenges and lessons and hope that something I say will touch the heart of someone.  I blog on a large range of subjects so welcome to my world.

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Excerpt from most recent Post (03/25/2018):

Children Demonstrate Against Gun Violence – #255

Children have a powerful effect upon adults because when they speak against injustices to parents, government legislators, and local officials we are amazed at how mature they are. We always underestimate the intelligence of our youth… But when some get in front of the press and many demonstrate en masse as they are doing and shout enough is enough of this gun violence, adults start to pay attention because they put we adults to shame for failing them repeatedly after each mass shooting… I am so proud of our young children soon to be young adults. As a matter of fact, many are now of voting age and are registering to influence our legislators. They plan to make a difference in upcoming elections…