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This blog reflects my experiences as an Asian American growing up as an impressionable child with learning and social impairments and later as an adult living with autism. These experiences sensitized me to the plight of others as expressed in ouR Social Conscience.

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  • COVID-19: Being Our Brothers’ Keepers (7/1/2020) - We have a cultural problem in the US where the emphasis upon individual rights over what best benefits society as a whole. It is a macho individualistic culture reflective of the Wild West. There is a lack of cooperation, compassion, … Continue reading
  • What’s All the Rush? (6/28/2020) - I consider myself an American progressive and maybe even a liberal. But I can very well relate to why in some more American conservative in parts of my country may consider we out West far too progressive. I do believe … Continue reading
  • Our Young Must Save the World from US and Enact Social Change (6/6/2019) - The needs of our young voters are not being adequately served by our government at all levels. The problem is that elected officials are mostly middle aged or older individuals who have little on common with our youth. So their needs and issues are underrepresented. Continue reading
  • 2nd Amendment – What you probably didn’t Know (5/26/2019) - To truly understand the entire context of the 2nd Amendment one must truly understand the concerns of state legislators at the time it was written by James Madison around 1789. There is a window into that time in history and the thinking that went into the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Right through the Federalist Papers. Continue reading
  • CARS, Cars, and more cars? (5/21/2019) - Cars have enabled most of what we enjoy today. They have given us far greater mobility than ever before and to do it in great comfort and convenience. But cars have created their on problems of traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gases. The drawbacks are starting to outweigh its benefits. Continue reading
  • President Who Speaks with Forked Tongue (7/18/2018) - “Man who speaks with forked tongue” has been attributed to how the Native American Indians described the White man throughout history. It describes a person who says one thing but means the very opposite. It is an apt description of … Continue reading
  • 2nd Amendment – Right to Bear Arms? (5/9/2018) - The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution seems rather straightforward to me: There is a purpose "Awell regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state..." and there is the expressed Right "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." So why does the nation's Supreme Court ignore the purpose of this Amendment and grant "the right of the people to keep and bear arms"? Continue reading
  • Children Demonstrate Against Gun Violence (3/25/2018) - Children have a powerful effect upon adults because when they speak against injustices to parents, government legislators, and local officials we are amazed at how mature they are. We always underestimate the intelligence of our youth... But when some get in front of the press and many demonstrate en masse as they are doing and shout enough is enough of this gun violence, adults start to pay attention because they put we adults to shame for failing them repeatedly after each mass shooting... I am so proud of our young children soon to be young adults. As a matter of fact, many are now of voting age and are registering to influence our legislators. They plan to make a difference in upcoming elections. Continue reading
  • Jobs, Housing, and Carless Urban Villages (3/8/2018) - Traffic is becoming a more prominent topic in many areas as a result of growth... Prior to the car towns were compact and centralized with a business and retail core surrounded by streets of houses. That core also had some amount of housing above the stores, what we now call mixed-use... City planners have returned to the fundamentals of how we did it before the advent of the affordable car and putting a modern spin on it... So planners came up with the idea of smaller walkable communities called Urban Villages. They are small very high density, compact, completely walkable, thus urbanized, villages designed as mixed-use communities... Continue reading
  • My Thoughts about President Trump (11/7/2017) - For some time now I have been trying to think of good things to say about President Trump. But the longer he has been President the fewer things I can think of. I feel that he is out of place for this century... Continue reading