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This blog reflects my experiences as an Asian American growing up as an impressionable child with learning and social impairments and later as an adult living with autism. I was sometimes the object of racism and having to deal with a dual cultural identity. These experiences sensitized me to the plight of others as expressed in ouR Social Conscience. Though I am agnostic my Christian upbringing influences many of my values.

I’ve had an amazing career and have a terrific family, neither of which I had any right to expect. Life was often very challenging. But I feel I learned the most during my greatest struggles making me a far more understanding and compassionate person.

Because of autism and learning impairments such as dyslexia my perspectives on life are somehow different than others. I am full of contradictions. I cannot read but I write a lot with difficulty proofreading my posts. I am out of touch with the feelings of others but am very feeling. I am a very poor student but I succeeded through college. I am agnostic but think about spirituality. It is as if I am living two opposing lives.

I write to further develop and clarify my thoughts and understanding of social issues and life’s many challenges and lessons and hope that something I say will touch the heart of someone. I blog on a large range of subjects so welcome to my world.

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Our Young Must Save the World from US and Enact Social Change

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