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The Right to Bear Arms – Did Founding Fathers Intend it for All?

Was the 2nd Amendment added to the Constitution by our founding fathers to make sure that the public could arm itself against a tyrannical government? Or did the founding fathers design the Constitution with the flexibility to accommodate change to avoid a tyrannical government? What is the most reasonable reason for incorporating the 2nd Amendment? Continue reading

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What if We Didn’t Engage In Any Wars?

A scenario is presented of what the country would be like if we had not engaged in all wars since WWII. The cost of war in both dollars and lives and the disruptions and consequences to veterans and society have been huge. Have the costs of wars been justified? Or would life had been better for us had we stayed out of these wars? Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Alternative – Less waste disposal problems

The use of Nuclear Power should be considered as an Optional source of greenhouse free energy. A more sustainable source of nuclear power is breeder reactor power. Yet in the US no research is being done on the energy alternative to solving the Greenhouse gas and Global Warming problem and time is quickly running out. Continue reading

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An Autistic’s Personal Perspective

I am a high functioning autistic adult and would like to reveal a little of what life has been like and how I have compensated for both autism and a number of learning disabilities in a badly mis-wired brain. Continue reading

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