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Does Eliminating Nuclear Power as an OPTION for Replacing CO2 Emitting Power Plants Make Sense?

A case is presented that Nuclear Power, especially fusion from breeder reactors, should be considered as an Option for a source of non-greenhouse gas power generation. It has the potential of generating non-greenhouse power for the next thousand years. The potentials for accidents and the taking of lives by nuclear power is miniscule compared to lives taken annually by weather events as a result of Global Warming. Global Warming is happening at a faster rate than scientists had predicted and solutions urgently needed now. Continue reading

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America’s Obsesson about Sex and Morality

Sex seems to dominate American Social morality as not other subject does but it is an essential and biological function as natural as eating. Why does our culture make such a big thing out of it and give it such dirty connotations? This is a short commentary about our obsession about sex and its ambiguous role in morality. Continue reading

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If the Universe is Rational Must the Creator also be Rational?

The fact that science exists is evidence that the universe is rational since science is the rational study of all things in the universe. This being the case can it then be surmised that if the universe was created then the Creator must also be Rational? Continue reading

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Does Marriage Exist as a Religious Institution?

The biblical definition of marriage is a lifelong bond between a man and a woman for the purpose of raising a family. Yet contemporary marriages tend to be less than lifelong and often are not about raising a family. An argument is presented that marriage has evolved into a much more a legal status than a religious institution. Continue reading

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Another Victory for Califronia DISCLOSE Act SB 52

The second victory on the road to transparent elections happened on Thursday, as the Senate Appropriations Committee passed SB 52, the California DISCLOSE Act, on a vote of 5-2. The DISCLOSE Act would force political ads to clearly list the top 3 actual donors to the political campaign. This makes it more difficult for deceptive political ads to fool the public. Continue reading

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Money – the Means to the End, Not the End

The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. What was true a couple of thousand years ago is even truer today than ever before. Money is used as the yardstick for measuring success. Thus the accumulation of money by the wealthiest is often more important that using it to purchase goods and services. Continue reading

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The Good Samaritan

In the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus speaks about a good deed being done by a pagan while two God fearing Jews ignored the peril of a beaten and robbed man. Does this parable hint that God would look favorably upon a good pagan and poorly upon uncompassionate God fearing men? Continue reading

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It’s Time to Abandon Two Party Domination

Is our dysfunctional and polarized Congress what our Founding Fathers had in mind when drawing up the Constitution of the United States? Are not the two parties supposed to negotiate and enter political discussions in order to pass laws? Have our congregational members forgot what there responsibilities are or what Congress is about – the passage of laws? Continue reading

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Campaign Reform: Keep Simple + No Fundraising

Keeping campaign contributions out of the political candidate process eliminates the influence of special interest groups and forces incumbents to stand on their legislative records. This discussion reveals why current practices are corrupt and makes some recommendations for reform. Continue reading

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Are Foreign Engagements a Distraction from Domestic Woes?

Our over-engagement in foreign policies and wars is misdirecting resources and distracting both the government and public from focusing upon many critical and urgent domestic issues. There are more than enough problems at home that need our full and concerted attention to solve. Continue reading

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