The Ultimate Superbug

The news sometimes reports about certain superbugs bacteria that defy all attempts to eradicate it using antibiotics and other medical wonders.  They play havoc upon the human body by endlessly destroying tissues until the organs give up and the body dies.  These superbugs are able to mutate into other variants like moving targets, changing into forms resistant to all known medical treatments.  Cancer is similar in its elusiveness to mutate into many other variants of cancer cells some of which are resistant to existing treatments allowing them to continue growing and spread throughout the body.

Mother earth is likewise plagued with a superbug or cancer called Homo sapiens or man which destroys other lifeforms that are beneficial to the resilience of this planet.  Man also destroys mountains and rivers with tunnels and dams and digs deep holes both on the surface as strip mines and deep underground as underground mines and deep wells and poisons the lands, waters, and air with toxic chemical pollution and climate altering greenhouse gases.  Man is able to adapt to his environment by utilizing earth’s limited resources to make life more habitable and luxurious.  He replaces forests with farms, cities, and roads.  He has devised medical wonders for prolonging his life far beyond its natural lifespan and surviving life threatening illnesses that would otherwise endanger his natural survival.  He defies natural processes.  On the other hand he declares war upon others of his kind using weapons of such massive destruction that they can utterly annihilate everything within miles around its intended targets.  He has propagated his species exponentially since the industrial revolution over 200 years ago from fewer than 1 billion to over 7 billion human beings in spite of all the wars.

Man is the earth’s worst nightmare.  His numbers are rapidly exploding requiring further exploitation of mother earth’s limited resources as superbugs do best and the killing of all other species as the epitome of an invasive species.  Mankind is the ultimate superbug bent upon total domination at the expense of everything else.  He, as a species, is able to devise ways to adapt and survive almost everything nature has to throw at him so far.

But perhaps, like all other superbugs, he will drown in his own excrement of toxic waste, pollution and greenhouse gases or die as other superbug have when destroying their host.  The problem with superbugs is that they eventually kill their host which provides them sustenance.  When the host dies so do they unless they can find another host to inhabit.  So can man find another host planet capable of sustaining life as well as provide him the resources needed to survive before he parishes from the effects of Global Warming on mother earth?  Or will he find a solution to Global Warming to allow his continued survival?

Perhaps man can find a partial solution though I wouldn’t bet the future of my offspring on it.  But ultimately man will destroy himself if he continues to propagate future generations at exponential rates.  One can simply extrapolate into the future by imagining 500 years of continuing human expansion on earth.  Every square foot of the earth will have a human being on it.  How can mankind possibly survive in a world literally covered with people in 15 generations.  So somewhere in between now and then man will annihilate himself.

Are there any solutions?  Unfortunately we as a species resemble other mindless superbug in our failure to deal with long-term survival in spite of our marvelous brains. We live for today.  Let tomorrow take care for itself.  This attitude must have been genetically programmed into our neurons by our creator so we would self-destruct when the time was right.  Not all humans lack the need for a more sustainable future but there are enough to make our disappearance almost assured just as the dinosaurs vanished a little over ten million years ago.

Is there hope for our continued survival?  Perhaps saner minds can prevail before it is too late.  But most likely by the time most realize we really have a problem we may already be too late.

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