Immigration Myths

The President would like to see the passage of an immigration reform bill which would allow many undocumented immigrants to gain legal status.  This is strongly opposed by many conservatives and Tea Party members who claim that illegal immigrants take jobs away from American citizens.

However census data shows that illegal immigration from across the border is on the decline and that most growing minority populations, which they mistakenly believe are illegal immigrants, are from the offspring of earlier immigrants both legal and illegal.  So the growing population of minorities is mostly American born.  As a matter of fact it is projected that Whites Americans will no longer be the majority around 2040 when less than 50% of the population is expected to be White.

As for jobs, the vast majority of illegal immigrants take jobs that no one else wants because these are the only jobs available to them.  They work as cheap farm labors, custodians, dish washers, nannies, sweat shop laborers and all the other jobs we depend upon illegals to do at illegally low wages and working conditions.  Without them we would be paying much more for our food and other goods and services we take so much for granted.  They are not high skilled workers, well paid businessmen, or CEO’s.  Instead they live in constant fear of being reported and deported so work at jobs where no one asks questions.  They cannot demand fair pay and decent working conditions so are easily exploited.  They aren’t the ones taking valued jobs from other Americans.  Ironically it is Americans who need them most because they provide essential cheap labor to do what others don’t want to do.  They are here because we need them and give them jobs.  If Americans did not hire them then they would have no reason to cross our boarders.

The United States of America is a country of immigrants.  Even the White majority population immigrated from Europe to find fame, fortune, and opportunities here.  Now some of these people want to prevent others of different nationalities from seeking the same dreams.  It was Americans that needed free laborer so they brought in Blacks slaves.  We needed cheep farm labor so we allowed Mexicans to easily across the borders.  Americans allowed or shanghaied Chinese to come to America to provide cheap labor for building railroads.  So many minorities were exploited largely because they provided extremely cheap and often expendable labor.

Then there are those who claim that illegal aliens are involved in crime.  There is no evidence of this.  Yes a small fraction of them are involved in crime but the vast majority come here to find work and send money back home.  Crime statistics simply do not support such claims.  Deporting or totally closing our borders to all illegal aliens simply to reduce the crime rate will have a negotiable effect.  People who believe such things watch too many movies.

Some of our greatest technological developments of the last century came from immigrants.  Technological innovation requires new ideas and different approaches.  Immigrants provide that wealth of diversity that stimulates diverse thinking.  Without immigration throughout the last century some of our greatest innovators and scientists would not have come here leaving this nation in a technological void.  We badly need immigrants because they contribute more essential services and technological innovations than many old stock Americans.  Immigrants are willing to work harder, longer hours, and more productively at jobs to prove themselves worthy of staying here.  Immigrants have created far more jobs and opportunities for everyone than any jobs they may have taken away from Americans.

So all of this hype about too many illegal aliens has little to do with jobs or crime.  There will always be people who want to place blame upon others for their own shortcomings.  Instead of solving problems they simply create more.  Do you see law enforcement targeting illegal aliens to reduce crime?  Do you see any Republican farmers wanting illegal farm workers deported?  Do the rich really want to loose all their illegal domestic help, gardeners, nannies and other workers?  Do we really want to pay more for our groceries and other goods and services?  Who will provide some of these services if there were no illegal aliens?  List the desired jobs that they have really taken away from other Americans.  If all illegal aliens are deported then who will they blame next?  Spending a lot of money to completely close our boarders and deporting all illegals will accomplish little good and possibly cause many unintended consequences.

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