What Makes Science so Creditable?

Since my earliest memories I have always been fascinated by science.  My first interests were largely focused upon the physical sciences but I later expanded to other sciences such as natural science.  Being learning impaired with very poor memory and reading abilities I have never been able to delve very deeply into science but I enjoy watching programs about it and hearing about it whenever the opportunity arises.  I have always been curious about what makes the universe work and at how one thing seems to be connected or related to another.  It seems as if there is an universal cohesive glue which makes everything hold together without which the universe would fall apart.

It is this universal rationale of the universe which enables the existence of science.  A non-rational universe would simply be unexplainable and just the way things are.  Studying such an irrational world would be impossible.  Mendeleev‘s periodic table of the elements is just one example of how all atoms are related to one another by their number of electrons resulting in their well-ordered physical properties.

I cannot stop being amazed at what modern science has accomplished in just the last 150 years.  It was 1864 just 150 years ago and the civil war had just ended.  The electron was yet to be discovered 30 years later in 1897 by J. Thomson.  The car would be invented by Benz in 1886.  And the first electronic computer didn’t make its appearance until 1937 just 77 years ago.  Mechanical skyscrapers, medical wonders, chemicals plastics and pharmaceuticals miracles were all developed less than 100 years ago.  Just about all that we use and take so much for granted today were discovered or invented less than a century and a half ago.  Considering man’s history goes back about 5,000 years and Christianity goes back 2000 years, 150 years of science is an amazingly short time.

More people have studied one of the disciplines of science than any other discipline.  The power of science is in its universal explanation of the mechanics of the physical universe worldwide.  Understanding what makes the universe tick allows man to predict and design things useful to him using the fundamental knowledge of what makes the components of nature interact and work together.  This allows man to alter and combine these components into the wonders we now enjoy in out daily lives.

So what exactly is science?  What makes science so compelling and globally accepted as the language of universal truth?  Science is actually a methodology or process of discovery, experimentation, verification, and pear review to obtain scientific consensus of its validity.  In spite of the rigors of this scientific process science is often not exact.  Extremely strict and controlled experiments must be performed to validate its hypothesis and numerous worldwide peer reviews done to check for errors.  But scientific truth is like pealing away the layers of the onion of refinement.  It usually develops incrementally.  Science is occasionally very wrong but it has a better track record than any other discipline and continuous refinements gets it closer to the ultimate truth.  The further it progresses the more science is able to enhances quality of life.  It can also create hell for man, the atomic bomb being a prime example.  Science is power and can be used for good or evil by political and economic forces.  But science itself is simply knowledge and an intellectual pursuit by the pure scientist who is simply trying to further demystify nature.

Sometimes people who know little of science try to discredit it for self-serving reasons.  Climate Change for example is being attacked by political conservatives because they believe that it will be bad for those industries using established carbon producing technologies so they say it must be false.  At least 97% of peer review climate scientist worldwide are convinced of the truth about Global Warming.  Climate scientist spend their lives studying climate whereas politicians and CEO’s know almost nothing about it.  So it is irrational and very dangerous to ignore the warnings of climate scientists.

Science has been right so much of the time creating ALL the miracles of modern-day life.  Science is highly credible and cannot and must not be ignored even when revealing an inconvenient truth.

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