100 Years from Now: Part 10 – Shopping

This is Part 10 of a 15 part Series on how I think life will look like in 100 year assuming Global Warming is in effect.  Some Parts refer back to earlier Posts in this Series.

As I stated in Part 8 – Jobs and Economics money will have no value in the exchange of goods and services 100 years from now.  Instead everything is free.  This is possible because all goods and services will be provided by slave-like robots, automation, and technology which 100 years from now will be able to take care of itself.  No one need work so there will be no salaries.  But there will be some rules and limits to what one can ask for or acquire.  Space and resources will be limited and there are things that are not beneficial to society as a whole so such things will be prohibited just as we are legally limited in what we can posses today.  There will be a lot of sharing of resources but acquiring something within the rules will simply be a matter of requesting it.  Shopping may simply be a matter of selecting things from a virtual catalog and ordering them.  Perhaps there will be show cases to display things so people can try them out before acquiring them.  Goods and services will be provided or manufactured automatically and quickly delivered through some automatic system.

Goods will be made of almost completely recyclable materials.  Those which have outlived their usefulness will be retrieved for refurbishing and reuse by others or recycled for their materials.  Most goods will be designed for durability so that they can later be reused.  Goods will also be designed for optimum functionality.  There won’t be cheaper versions and more expensive versions, only versions suitable for different levels of proficiency of the users.

Items which are scarce and in great demand such as rare Jewry or art items will be reserved and circulated among people.  They will be imbedded with technology making them easy to trace at all times to prevent theft.

One positive consequence of a moneyless society is that crimes of theft will be negligible since things have no monetary value and anyone can obtain things that others have.  There will be no such thing as the love of money being the root of all evil.  Such things as jealousy will also diminish since all will be equal in what they can have or want.  I will address crime in more detail at the end of this series.

I realize how strange a moneyless society may seem but there are people today who virtually live in a moneyless environment.  If you watch Downton Abbey all the rich need to do is ask for something.  They seldom deal with money directly.  They have others to take care of that for them.  When they shop they place everything on credit so they don’t have to worry about dealing with money.  100 years from now everyone will live the lives of the rich while very smart robotic machines will serve their every needs.  Robots and technology will create the needed number of other robots and technologies as well as maintain them.

List of the Parts of this series “100 Years from Now“:

  1. Considerations
  2. Technology
  3. Energy
  4. Water
  5. Food
  6. Mobility
  7. Housing
  8. Jobs and Economics
  9. Socializing
  10. Shopping
  11. Recreation & Entertainment
  12. Population Control
  13. Government
  14. Education
  15. Crime and Security


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