Another Shooting at a University within One Week

Another shooting, this time at Northern Arizona University’s Flagstaff campus, took place yesterday when a gunman intent on killing many more than the one student he killed and the three he injured was  maced and tackled by other students while trying to reload his gun.  This could have very well turned into another mass killing in less than one week after the mass killing at Umpqua Community College.

I don’t know when enough American’s will get fed up and say enough is enough.  Apparently there is insufficient Political Will on the part of Congress to solve the problem of such easy access to guns.   As with Climate Change the message is screaming at them but the sound of gun fire and bullets falls on deaf ears.  Even when one of their own, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, fell victim to it in 2011 they still did little except imply that their hands were tied because of the 2nd Amendment and NRA.  Even the shooting of presidents (John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan) has had little effect.  Here are some sobering 2011 statistics from CNN: there were 20,947,258 registered firearms according to the FBI but likely 10 times that of unregistered firearms;  5,539,538 known firearms were imported; 11,068 reported homicides were by firearms;  34% of Americans own firearms.  For everyone killed by firearms there are probably 5 who were injured and more that were shot at or held at gun point and traumatized.  So the list of victims is very long.

As I have repeatedly said the 2nd Amendment can be interpreted in one of two ways: 1) The right to bear arms is everyone’s right, or 2) The Right to bear arms is for the purpose of “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” as stated at the beginning of the 2nd Amendment.  It did not say that this prefatory was simply an example.  It reads to me like the sole purpose.  But the current conservative majority Supreme Court disagrees 5:4 – District of Columbia v. Heller-3/18/2008.  The framers of the Bill of Right and the Constitution as a whole were cumulatively very wise and would not have placed words in the 2nd Amendment that were not significant.  Where else in the Constitution is not every phrase taken with utmost care and importance?   Why is the 2nd Amendment, the one amendment that hold so many American lives at risk, the only exception?  It goes beyond logic why this should be so.

What kind of Civilization are we?  There is a good reason why gun ownership is not a constitutional right in any other country.  It simply does not make sense to be unable to properly regulate a deadly weapon primarily designed to kill people.  Semi-automatic weapons are not needed to hunt game or target practice.  Their sole purpose is to kill a lot of people very efficiently.  This is not about banning guns but regulating them similar to other developed Western nations.

So when are Americans going to own up to this barbaric practice of almost unlimited gun access and ownership?  When are we going to learn that guns are not the solution to all our problems?  When are we going to realize that our foreign policy of using our military arms to solve problems abroad is simply an extension of our wild-wild west solution of using fire power to bring about a peaceful resolution to all our problems by totally eliminating one’s opponents?  How has such mentality served to bring about any peaceful resolution and peace of mind to anyone or any nation?

No wonder there are people abroad who perceive us as pure evil.  After all we seem to kill ourselves indiscriminately.  How senseless, insane, and purely evil can that be?  As you can sense from my words I am rather fed up with all this gun violence that we as a people and nation portray upon ourselves and others abroad.  It is so arcane and barbaric.

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