My Thoughts about President Trump

It is now a year since President Trump was elected our presidents. For some time now I have tried to think of good things to say about him. But the longer he has been President the fewer things I can think of. I feel that he is out-of-place for this century. He reminds me more of the isolationist presidents of the early twentieth century before we became a global community of nations and before the civil rights era. He is the president of those who wish for the past to return.

People forget that the past was full of turmoil, unrest, and poverty for white people as well as minorities. There were the depression and the dust bowl and the rush to the west to seek more jobs. It was not a pleasant time to live. There were conservative religious groups which outlawed alcohol resulting in a record surge in crime. Unemployment rates were far higher than now. Living conditions were deplorable, much more like some third world countries today. The poor of today would relate to the common people of yesteryear. Yes, Trump would fit in very nicely with the presidents of that era, that is all but Franklin D. Roosevelt who he would consider as a leftist communist.

I am wracking my brains to think of anything good to say about him but I simply can’t. He is like a child that wants everything his way or no way. He tries to live up to his campaign promises without consideration to how realistic they are. He has appointed and fired or had resigned more staff and cabinet members than just about any president in his first year. His cabinet is represented by many people who are not sympathetic to the roles they serve. It really is a mess. I wonder how history will look at Trump ten to twenty years after he leaves office?

He is the first president I feel embarrassed to call my President. I feel every tweet, every new article, every utterance from him is coming from some immature person. He sounds so childish when he speaks informally as if he is at a loss for words to express himself. He repeats word for emphasis as if the English language does not have enough vocabulary to express his thought, much like a child with a limited vocabulary. He talks down to people like they are children. I am so embarrassed to hear or read his tweets.

So what do I have to say constructively about our President? I am thinking very hard but absolutely nothing comes to mind. At one time I thought his vice president would be worse than him but now I’m not so sure. He even fights with his own party leaders. The stock market has hit all-time highs quite a number of times during his presidency but I am not sure if he had much to directly do with that. Unemployment continues to slowly decline but again I’m not sure if he has much to do with that. We have had a number of natural disasters strike our nation and possessions. We seem to be recovering from them as well as can be expected in most places but again I don’t know if he was any more responsible for this than would any president.

He has also exacerbated many conflicts associated with himself such as the campaign connections with the Russians which is under serious investigation by a special prosecutor and his personal tax return which has never been revealed as he promised. There have already been indictments of some of his closest campaign staffers. If this leads directly to him this might undermine his entire presidency. He is so simple-minded and extraordinarily stubborn and egotistical. He tries to run the nation like a corporation. He is like a beginner chess player making arbitrary moves without thinking ahead about consequences. He thinks he knows what he wants to do without a clue how to do it. He does not take advice well. And he places people in his staff and cabinet whom he believes are like himself but who are afraid to give him advice for fear of being fired.

He has insulted just about every major and minor leader in the world in his quest to make America First. He scarcely understands that we are now an interdependent community of economic nations. Isolating our nation will kill exports to other nations which we badly need. This will open the door to other nations such as China and India to fill in the void. We need our foreign friends and allies. This is a global market. He should understand this. His businesses are worldwide. But he seems not to realize this. Technology has brought the global communities closer together. It is not possible to be an isolated nation any longer. Our economies are interconnected. He seems to be very slowly realizing this. Maybe this is something positive I can say. We shall see as he visits Asian leaders.

I can discuss many other issues such as immigration and sexual orientation but this post is primarily about him as a person, as leader of our nation. He is no longer just a very rich businessman. He now represents our entire nation.



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