COVID-19 is a Global Effort

We should approach preparations for future pandemics by forming a global consortium of nations that funds an international think tank and research center focused on the next pandemic and developing a global strategy for fighting it and finding medical solutions.

Portable labs should be set up, and pathogen studies performed without delays. Mobile hospitals should be set up at the outbreak site to care for the sick. Medical and research personnel should be identified globally who can be instantly called upon to go to the source of the outbreak. Emergency housing should be set up close to these facilities. Supply chains should be set up to respond to the infrastructure needs of this emergency tent city. It should operate like a well-trained army on an attack against a deadly and highly infectious foe. Safety protocols must be developed for all aspects of this war against an invisible pathogen.

This is a multidimensional world of many ethnicities and nations. We need a long-term organization to improve upon what already exists and a short-term army of medical experts to address ongoing or potential pandemics quickly and effectively. We need organization, personnel, and infrastructure ready at an instance notice to respond to sudden outbreaks. We need cooperation between nations, and we need the situation to be quickly and effectively addressed so that it doesn’t become politicized.

It should have fast response teams able to get to initial outbreak sites with the power to quarantine, study, and identify patterns of spread so that they can be contained and infections treated, carefully documented, and studied.

Almost a million lives were lost in the U.S. alone in the last two years due to a pandemic, and it isn’t over yet. Trillions of dollars in lost wages and productivity have been lost. Major disruptions in our lives have occurred. This is the most disruptive event to strike the world since WWII. And the Spanish Flue was just as devastating at the beginning of the last century. So history tells us that it will strike again. That is a certainty. But we don’t know when so we must be far better prepared.

Pathogens are like the microscopic versions of the Terminator to the cells of our bodies. COVID-19 replicated parts of the DNA of our cells so that our immune system was fooled into identifying them as our body cells, just as the Terminator appeared as a human.

This virus steals DNA from the nucleus of the body’s cells that it penetrates and invades. It embeds fragments of the cell nucleus DNA into its own reproduced offspring, thus fooling the body’s immune system’s killer T cells into believing that the virus is the body’s cell, so it doesn’t attack it. How such viruses become, so cleaver to attach fragments of the body’s nuclei DNA onto the virus is a miracle of the natural selection process of evolution. It is a process of mutation trial and error until the virus hits the jackpot and thrives big time in our bodies because it has found a stealth mutation that camouflages it against our immune system.

The new mRNA vaccines act as an immune system by adding to your body mRNA that is genetically engineered to attack a specific virus. So they act as a fill-in for your immune system, which cannot detect the invading pandemic virus. Unlike other vaccines that activate your immune system to attack specific viruses so don’t require frequent booster shots, the mRNA vaccines cannot last that long in the bloodstream, so they must be boosted with booster shots periodically.

This also explains why the mRNA vaccine may not prevent you from coming down with a milder virus attack. Since they are not part of the immune system, the mRNA vaccine is depleted as it fights off the infection, giving the virus a chance to reestablish as the vaccine becomes more depleted. Vaccines that activate the Immune system are no longer needed once the immune system can produce killer and other T cells upon demand. So the body is not depleted of killing T cells as they are spent by, say, the flue. Other T cells will replace them as they are consumed.

What makes COVID-19 especially deadly to humans is the rapidity and breadth of human mobility. Most other species are only affected locally, but humans can fly, drive, and cruise worldwide, rapidly making vulnerable the global population. So potential pandemics must be quickly quarantined to stop their further spread. Such efforts must be fought like a war with armies of trained and committed specialists. We must not be allowed to harm other populations. We must remain isolated until deemed disease-free.

Now that many new strains of this virus are mutating rapidly, the old vaccines are not as responsive, and need vaccines must be developed. It is difficult to stop people from traveling and maintaining isolation. So the spread of new variants is challenging to contain. This will be an ongoing problem without proper isolation.

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