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All living organisms on earth with the exception of man unknowingly obey Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Man has global impact due to his mobility and the shear volume of his pollution. That is because of man’s ability to create his own environment by consuming an enormous variety and amount of global resources just to build his communities. Medical science has made it possible to reduce the mortality rate of young, defective, and weak human beings to such an extent that his population continues to increase from 1 billion in 1800 to over 7 billion today in a little over 200 years and there is little letup as it increases by almost a billion every 15 years. Continue reading

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Education Failures Ripe for Vouchers

U.S. ranks among the lowest in math and science literacy in our public schools among developed and developing nations yet spends more per student on education than anywhere in the world. The question is how is this country to continue its leadership in technology and as an industrial nation as other nations quickly catch up and pass us by? For decades we have been arguing over how to increase the literacy and graduation rates of our public schools. While we have made some modest progress Asian and European nations outpace us in education and are on the verge of surpassing us as innovative technological and industrial nations. Since public education is failing to serve the needs of the next generation I think it about time we give serious consideration to school vouchers to give our public schools some serious free-market competition. Continue reading

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