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Climate Change: Part 2 – Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Currently CO2 is the most prevalent greenhouse gas in out atmosphere even though it is only 400 ppm (0.04%) of our atmosphere. One pound of gasoline produces about 7 pounds of CO2 put into our atmosphere. A gallon of gasoline weighs 6.3 pounds and puts about 20 pounds of CO2 into our atmosphere. The reason for the gain in weight is because during combustion the carbon atoms in gasoline combine with the oxygen atoms in the air to form CO2 . But as more CO2 is dumped into our atmosphere and absorbed by the seas the water starts to become saturated with it and absorbs less (see Part 1) resulting in more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and more Global Warming of our atmosphere… Continue reading

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Global Warming still Much on my Mind

Global Warming remains daily on my mind as I wished it did in everyone’s mind because I believe it to be the single most important issue facing the United States and the world.  It has to do with the survival … Continue reading

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New Technology May Overshadow Global Warming

Fracking is a relatively new technology that threatens efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. This new technology can produce an abundant source of domestic fossil fuels that could provide us with greenhouse producing energy for many decades to come, increasing global warming and the threat of increasing super-storms and devastation. This article describes the Fracking process and many of its other dangers. Continue reading

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California SB 4 Monitors and Informs Public about Fracking and Drilling for Gas and Oil

Senator Fran Pavley’s bill – SB 4 – informs you if fracking is being done in your area and what chemicals are being used and much more.  The California Assembly will likely vote on her bill this week, and the … Continue reading

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