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The Job Terminator

We are already experiencing the subtle impact of job terminating technology today. Our tech savvy technologist are turning out new technological innovations at an ever-increasing rate. New generations of cell phone come out ever six months to a year that are each smarter and cheaper than the previous. Other gadgets are being created constantly to satisfy our insatiable appetite for gadgetry and convenience. Ask yourself what can people do that computers are unlikely to do other than screw thing up. Through artificial intelligence computer can learn to get increasingly smart and they never forget anything and some can constantly think billions of times faster than us without rest. So unemployment is no longer as a result of the 2008 crash. It is as a result of outsourcing and automation. Continue reading

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Education, Another Perspective

Much has been made about America being the center of innovation.  Proponents of our educational system have claimed that it is our emphasis on the arts and creative thought as opposed to memorization and focusing on the mechanics of science … Continue reading

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Innovation in America – A Limited Perspective

America prides itself for being a nation of innovation, but are we really? Indeed we are a nation of innovative technology and commercial ideas.  Silicon Valley is the birthplace of some of the most innovative high tech and social network … Continue reading

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