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America’s Most Shameful Boasts

Freedom, Justice, and Equality for all. These are values we boast to ourselves and foreigners about what is so great about our democracy. They have the presumption of equal opportunities for all. However these value are far truer for some than other. Obviously opportunities are not equal for all economically, socially, religiously, and politically. Regardless of what we claim we are clearly a nation full of paradoxes. The pursuit of happiness are only words for many who have little hope for a better life. Continue reading

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How Blind is Justice?

Wealth is the root of all power.  Mega wealth corrupts absolutely. Our civil justice system is supposed to be fair to all parties.  This was the foundation of a justice system that equitably rendered civil judgements fairly and impartially (justice … Continue reading

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Racism, Guns, and Vigilante Justice – The Zimmerman Verdict

The July 13th, 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman for the killing of an unarmed black teenager has many of the telltale hallmarks of racism and vigilante justice.  George Zimmerman, a white self-appointed neighborhood watch captain at the Retreat at Twin … Continue reading

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