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Shouldn’t Other Lives Matter too?

Recently there have been Blacks Lives Matter demonstrations throughout our nation due to the disproportionate numbers shootings of Black people by police. There have also been retaliation shootings and killings of law enforcement offices. Black communities for decades have complained that far too often law enforcement have used excessive lethal force (guns) targeting Black people… Continue reading

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POT Controversy

POT is becoming increasingly accepted in various municipalities and states throughout our nation, just as with many other taboo issues such as LGBT rights, as social acceptance standards and mythical perceptions are dispelled. It has been argued for decades that POT will lead to more serious drug use, but research has shown that this is no more true than alcohol leading to harder drugs. The medical harm and addictive effects of POT have been proven to be less than alcohol and cigaret smoking and highs experienced by users to impair their senses far less than alcohol. It is time to decriminalize it and treat it just as we do cigarets and alcohol. Billions of dollars are spent annually on cost with no revenue opportunities that could better spent on education just enforcing senseless marijuana laws. Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment – is it Working?

The way we in America deal with people that are consider socially unacceptable is to make up laws against then turning offenders into criminals.  A system exists to deal with criminals consisting of law enforcement arresting these individuals, trying them … Continue reading

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Conservatives would like to Cut Subsidy Programs to the Poor

A few days ago the Republican House voted to cut off $40 billion from the food stamp program.  If they had it their way they would totally cut off all subsidy programs for the needy from the Federal budget. As … Continue reading

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Keeping Fire Arms out of the hands of More Criminals, Ex-Cons and Minors

Shocking mass killings make the big headlined. But in fact they represent an almost insignificant portion of the approximately 11,000 human beings killed by fire arms in America annual. Gang shootings, robberies, hold ups, and other crimes and accidents as will as law enforcement actions all too numerous to report or even care about are the primary sources of gun violence and deaths. Gun related crimes must be dealt with seriously and in a way to deter further gun related crimes. Continue reading

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