America’s Obsesson about Sex and Morality

I cannot understand why American’s associate sex with immorality as if it were something dirty.  I’ll say one thing about it, you wouldn’t be reading this blog nor I writing it without it.  In many cultures sex does not have the dirty connotation that it has here.  We learn not to speak about it but it is often the major topic in the news, novels, plays, movies, TV, and jokes.  The paparazzi publicize the privacy of sex with photos of anything resembling it from the rich or famous and plaster it all over the press as if it is something novel just for the rich and famous.  Political figures caught having extramarital affairs treated as criminals and traitors to their office as if political offices have any relationship with sex.

This condemnation of sex is largely pursued by the religious right though I am not sure why Jesus would have made such a big thing about it.  After all didn’t God create sex and make it pleasurable?  It seems that the word sex is synonymous with dirty, filthy, unnatural, immoral, sinful.  It seems that anything that brings man to ecstasy is bad as if there were something wrong with it.  In fact it is about the most natural thing men and women share equally well.

We enjoy sex for the purposes of procreation and the survival of our species, even in extreme circumstances.  The social and religious connotations attributed to sex are of man’s creation, not our Creator’s.  In some societies where people live closely together in a single room sex is part of the normal order of things.  Man’s sex organs and feelings of arousal are natural and beneficial to man’s survival and have worked very effectively in spite of all our attempts at social constraints and taboos.  200 years ago there were less than one billion of us.  Today there are more than seven billion and growing.  In spite of all the taboo we are still enjoying ourselves in sexual exchange.  The numbers prove my point.

Then there are the same-sex issues.  As in any function in our bodies there are some who do not function for the benefit of procreation just as there are some born with cleft pallets or mental retardation or autism.  Since our population is exploding these people do not cause a problem with the survival of our species.  On the contrary they naturally control our population.  Contrary to rumors, they do not create social problems or sexually deviant behavior any more often or worst than heterosexuals.  Yet because this is part of America’s obsession about sex and morality it has become a big thing.  Fortunately, myths about the LGBT community are being blow away and they are gaining broader social acceptance and legal rights in most aspects of life.  The Boy Scouts of America has recently voted to welcome gay people into of the Boy Scout community.  Openly gay and lesbian people are now allowed in the military.  This is one sexual area where significant progress is being made in America.

There are areas where it is appropriate to condemn unwilling sex acts that do harm to people such as when a minor coerced into sex, in non-consensual sex or rape, and sex slavery.  I am not hung up on victimless sex crimes and feel law enforcement has better things to do with their time.

Like most things in life, there is some bad and some good in sex.  But as I point out I see infinitely more good than bad as a consequence of sex.  So why make it stand out as anything worst than say going to work?  Not all work is enjoyable, beneficial or even legal.  After all, don’t most of us indulge in sex?

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