A Rational View of what Heaven & Hell Might Be Like

On those occasions that I think about God and religion I sometimes wonder what Heaven and Hell would be like from a Christian-Judaic perspective assuming a rational God.  Here is what I have thus far been able to come up with.

Heaven is a state of existence as opposed to a place since this is not a physical existence.  Communication between Spirits is a primary part of their ongoing activities in heaven and occurs through pure thought so there are no language barriers or misunderstandings.  They are fully aware of the intentions and motives of Spirits they are communicating with.  Communicating between two Spirits or many Spirits at one time occurs with equal ease and comprehension since Heaven is timeless.  Spirits are of many levels of their understanding of the ultimate Truth of God or enlightenment, as they arrive in Heaven and during their exist in that state.

Spirits are so focused upon seeking greater enlightenment that they tend not to pay much attention to other much less enlightened Spirits asking for help or advice.  As a result Spirits primarily communicate with others closer to their own overall level of enlightenment.  Thus less developed Spirits must continue to struggle to find ultimate Truth without the benefit of much more enlightened Spirits.  They do this by incrementally gaining knowledge from Spirits slightly more enlightened than they for any given aspect of Truth they seek.

Not all communications and knowledge is correct but as Spirits continue to seek the Truth they learn to better filter out truth from misinformation.  Spirits cannot deliberately deceive other Spirits.  However, honest misinformation can still be exchanged.  Heaven is not a perfect existence but rather an interim stage of existence on the path towards ultimate union with God.

A Spirit being contacted by another Spirit can refuse the communications in which case the communications is immediately terminated and both Spirits loose awareness of each others’ thoughts as if nothing had ever happened.  Generally receiving Spirits prefer not to communicate with Spirits who are only interested in getting information from them.  Communications is best when there is an exchange of information and both parties become more enlightened since there are many aspects and levels of Truth.

Spirits have a strong sense of purpose about their pursuit of the ultimate Truth of God.  Both thoughts and communications help them understand more about their Creator (enlightenment).  Since God is infinite learning about God can seem like an endless process to us mortals, but again time is meaningless in this Heavenly state so it is possible for Spirits to achieve ultimate enlightenment.

Communications directly with God is minimal in the early stages of enlightenment.  As Spirits grow in knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment they approach a state of perfect enlightenment that they can increasingly communicate directly with God.  The more enlightened Spirits become the easier it is to become even more perfectly enlightened and closer to God.  Truth starts becoming progressively clearer.  As they become closer with God they communicate with other Spirits less.  They eventually reach a point where they communicate exclusively with God.  At this point they become so much like God that they become One with God and disappear from Heaven.

Hell is not a place but an existence or state whereby some Spirits are so self-centered and self-serving that they think they know everything and are better than other spirits.  So other Spirits refuse to communicate with them, even similar Spirits to themselves.  Hell is being shunned by other Spirits so that they are isolated into loneliness.  Their ego and vanity prevents them from ever seeking the truth.  Eventually they disappear from the awareness of everyone in Heaven and languish in absolute isolation for eternity in a Hell of nothingness of their own making.

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