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Health Care in the U.S.

Most countries throughout the developed world have government run health care systems for good reason: It is far easier than having to deal with many different private insurance companies and shopping for insurance and comparing best benefits and rates. A … Continue reading

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“The American people…”

I’m getting tired of hearing the expression “The American people…” used over and over again recently by our political leaders at news conferences, speeches, etc.  To me the meaning of “The American people” is something all Americans want or agree … Continue reading

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One of my pastimes has been reacquainting myself with friends I have lost contact with for one reason or another through the decades.  Some of these friends I once knew in high school or college.  Some I considered very close … Continue reading

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With the world in a bit of turmoil and our daily lives often one crisis after another we often forget that there is a lot to be thankful for.  Negative events and thoughts seem to poke their heads above the … Continue reading

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Apathy in America

On a good national election about 60% of registered voters vote.  About 35% of American citizens aren’t even registered to vote.  Thus in reality on a good national election only about 45% of all American citizens vote and on a … Continue reading

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Na-sayers and the Apathetic on Global Warming

The vast majority of na-sayers of global warming are political conservatives, typically Republicans, who don’t want to believe that global warming is a fact and/or that it is primarily caused by greenhouse gases produced from man.  Most do not have … Continue reading

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Overcoming Adversity – Opportunity

I have mentioned on a number of postings my learning disabilities and socialization problems (autism).  Growing up in the early 1950’s when I went to elementary school was not a very rewarding experience.  As a very slow learner with poor … Continue reading

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What America Means to Me

In spite of much criticism of our government and social issues, I feel that this has been a rather amazing country to have been born and lived in for me personally. I have truly lived the American dream and achieved far more than I ever thought possible. This country is far from perfect but it has much going for it to compensate for all its inadequacies. Continue reading

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Is Education in the US Ripe for an Overhaul?

I was fortunate to have receiving my elementary and middle school education as well as one year of high school in the US and all my high school abroad under the British System in the 1950’s.  This gave me a … Continue reading

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Hopelessly Poor in the Land of Milk & Honey

For a kid living in an environment of abject poverty I can imagine the difficulties they would face in trying to excel in school or going to college to escape their world of oppressive poverty. Such environments do not provide the nurturing and social expectations to become successful. The only feasible way to make significant money is through criminal means. The only way to get nurturing as a youth is to join a gang since parents were usually not at home due to work or otherwise occupied. Continue reading

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What Distinguishes Conservatives from Liberals?

Since I frequently allude to Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats I thought I’d define these terms as I see them.  Republicans have not always been Conservative and Democrats Liberal.  The Republican party was formed under Abraham Lincoln, quite a liberal … Continue reading

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