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“The American people…”

I’m getting tired of hearing the expression “The American people…” used over and over again recently by our political leaders at news conferences, speeches, etc.  To me the meaning of “The American people” is something all Americans want or agree … Continue reading

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Whistle Blowing

When President Obama originally ran for the presidency he vowed to make the government more transparent.  But when it came to the issue of whistle-blowing he was opposed to protecting whistle-blowers.  How can a government be transparent when it does … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Abandon Two Party Domination

Is our dysfunctional and polarized Congress what our Founding Fathers had in mind when drawing up the Constitution of the United States? Are not the two parties supposed to negotiate and enter political discussions in order to pass laws? Have our congregational members forgot what there responsibilities are or what Congress is about – the passage of laws? Continue reading

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