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Putting Garbage to Good Use

America produces millions of tons of garbage daily that goes into landfills.  This is becoming a major problem because landfills are filling up faster than we can develop new ones.  New York City for example sends most of its 10,000 … Continue reading

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‘The Pursuit of Happiness’

I have written on my Home page and on a number of posts in this blog that ‘the pursuit of happiness’ is one of my core values.  In fact I consider it my most important value.  Without it this would … Continue reading

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Which Economic ‘…ism’ I Think is Best?

I have frequently been mistaken for a socialist because of my preferences for socialized healthcare, Medicare, Social Security, social justice, and the government helping our poor and underserved citizens.  This perception of me is uniquely American (U.S.).  For those living … Continue reading

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Playing Life Safe – Missed Opportunities

For most of my adult life I have lived life rather on the safe side taking few chances that would endanger my physical and financial well being.  I did few activities that could be considered risky and did not gamble … Continue reading

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An Eye for an Eye

It seems to me that despite many of our American traditions stemming from a strong Christian Protestant backgrounds our culture has gradually reverted back towards the attitudes of Old Testament ‘an eye for an eye’ morality.  When we feel a … Continue reading

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The Price of Poverty and Ignoance – What are our Alternatives?

The food stamp program has recently ended a temporary increase due to the downturn in the economy a few years ago and is under attack by Republican lawmakers.  They want to reduce it by $40 billion over the next 10 … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment – is it Working?

The way we in America deal with people that are consider socially unacceptable is to make up laws against then turning offenders into criminals.  A system exists to deal with criminals consisting of law enforcement arresting these individuals, trying them … Continue reading

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Term Limits? Extend Term Lengths Instead!

In today’s complex wold of government two and four year terms simply doesn’t give our elected officials enough time to learn their jobs before they need to prepare for the next election.  When these terms in office were originally established … Continue reading

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