Welcoming in a New Year

New Years Day

New Years Day (Photo credit: Ciaobella Mirabella)

On January 1st of each year we welcome in a new year as if it is the start of a new era, a time to start the clock over again and wish everyone a Happy New Year.  We make new year resolutions which are seldom keep.  We say to ourselves and others that the new year will be better than the previous.  We celebrate the new year with fireworks, parades, toast to our friends and family members for a happier year, and celebration parties welcoming in a new era.

Yet other than the hype and high expectation of the day little really changes.  New year day is simply the continuation of the day before of the previous year.  There are some things that start that day such as the new tax year, certain contracts that start on the new year, and political offices that start at the beginning of the year but for the most part life continues on with little interruption other than vacation time and the momentary celebrations welcoming in the new year.

You do have to remember to use the new year when writing checks and putting dates down on documents during the first few weeks.  The new year is a benchmark in time to later reference events just as 12:00 PM benchmarks the start of a new day though nothing physically actually happens at the stroke of midnight other than the earth having made a complete rotation around its axis from the previous midnight or complete orbit around the sun (not quite exactly accounting for the leap year) during the year.

There are some cultures such as the Chinese who measure the new year by the lunar calendar which starts on a different month and day relative to our Gregorian calendar.  There are many cultural traditions and symbolism people throughout the world celebrate to welcoming in the start of a new year.  Some are tied to agriculture and others to the sun, moon, and others to stars and constellations.

But regardless of all that I have just said may your pursuit of happiness be fulfilled in part of as a whole in 2014.  I wish you all a

Meaningful, Productive, and Rewarding

And try to spread some of your good fortunes around to others.\

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