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Can a Case be made for Physician-Assisted Suicide?

I have often wondered whether there would be circumstances where I would prefer not to live and even circumstances whereby I would choose to end my own life.  I am not sure if I would have the courage to take … Continue reading

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The Big Disconnect

There seems to be a big disconnect between formal education and real life. This is no less true than the discussion for the very low turnout of young voters in America. A possible solution to this low turnout problem is to lower the voting age to a level such that what all children lean about voting in school can be related to the actual voting process while still in high school. Continue reading

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Are We Still In Control?

Man has been controlling his environment since the beginning of time. Unlike most other animals which must evolve to adapt to the gradual changes in their environment man has been able to use his ingenuity to alter his immediate surroundings … Continue reading

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Freedom of Choice

Our nation was established on the principle that all men are equal and endowed with the fundamental right of freedom of choice.  This is expressed in the Declaration if Independence as well as the Bill of Rights.  That is what … Continue reading

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Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment is a topic that I have personally struggled with most of my life.  If a person were to deliberately take the life of one of my loved ones would I want vengeance?  One of my core values is … Continue reading

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Imposing Human Rights and Moral Values on Others

I am a very strong proponent of human rights and social justice, but I am at odds in my own mind as to what extent we in the U.S. or the community of nations (UN) have a right to insist … Continue reading

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Christianity of Exclusions

I grew up in a very strong Christian family and went to a Christian high school.  One of the primary reasons I eventually abandoned Christianity was due to the lack of a connection with God.  But another factor was a … Continue reading

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Blaming Others

During these days of political and social conflicts we seem to be in the habit of putting blame for our failures and the failures of others on everyone except ourselves.  It is so easy to blame someone else because it … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences of Sudden Economic Change

My wife was driving on the freeway and decided to switch to the fast lane to get around traffic.  As she did so she thought she saw something on the road and suddenly swerved to avoid it.  Her car swerved … Continue reading

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