Trump Can’t Possibly Loose

Don’t be fooled by the title.  I do not support Trump in any way nor do I hope he wins this election.

Looking back in his career he is, by many, viewed as a real estate tycoon.  He inherited billions of dollars and has made many real estate investments.  But he has filed four major Chapter 11 bankruptcies for many of these ventures since 1991 worth billions of dollars.  So as a real estate tycoon he has been overall quite a failure.  But what he has learned in all these years is that name recognition means a lot, almost everything.  He has sold his name to many real estate investors around the world to use on buildings which he does not own but gets royalties for.  He hosted a TV program and beauty pageants to perpetuate his name and fame.  His name is more famous that some of the most famous movie stars and sports figures around the world.  He is a salesman and his product is his fame and name.

Now he is running for president.  What better way to gain even more name recognition worldwide.  And it costed him only several hundred mission dollars, a bargain considering all the free press he is receiving worldwide.  He says all kinds of outlandish things because he does not expect to win.  But to his surprise there seems to be a lot of Americans who are fed up with the status quo which he has called names and which he apparently has an appeal.  The more he blasts the status quo, of which Clinton represents, the more his audiences get caught up in his rhetoric.  This encourages him to do more.  As he sees it he has nothing to loose.  If he looses the election he will come away as being one of the most well-known name in the world.  If he wins he will become even more famous and powerful. So it is a win-win for him no matter what the outcome.

But winning does present a problem for him because I feel he never expected to win so really does not have any idea what to do as president.  But throughout history I don’t think that so unique.  It all depends upon who he appoints on his staff and cabinet.  I think he has not given this much thought though some of his campaign staff have.  I think he secretively hopes to loose but must not appear or act like it because it will make him look weak and appearances and image mean everything to a name product.

But it has been his brashness, knowing that he cannot possibly loose, that has made him take far more chances than any other candidate who seriously want to win the presidency. And it is exactly that brashness that has appealed to so many disenfranchised followers, many of whom are suffering the loss of jobs, decreasing incomes, or rising costs, who are fed up with a government that does not helping them.  So when Trump blames their situation on immigrants and jobs going abroad they cheer him on in agreement.

It is his campaign strategists and helpers who want him to become president most hoping to get a position in government and who have pushed him to appeal to more minorities groups such as Hispanics.  He couldn’t cars less because he wants to appeal to those masses of disenfranchised blue-collar workers who are most unhappy.  He may even now be caught up in his own bid for the presidency to not only gain name recognition but power to influence his ambitions.  For him money and power mean everything and name recognition is the means to those ends.  It means people will look up to him as someone very rich, powerful, and influential.

But I think he doesn’t care about people, but loyalty he value very highly.  He will easily discard people who do not show absolute loyalty to him and get fast results.  So he will not like people who take initiative.  That may be a problem if he becomes president because he will end up firing a lot of very good and smart people.

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