President Who Speaks with Forked Tongue

“Man who speaks with forked tongue” has been attributed to how the Native American Indians described the White man throughout history. It describes a person who says one thing but means the very opposite. It is an apt description of how President Donald Trump talks to different people. He is frequently caught lying, saying one thing then later saying the opposite, or taking back his words.

Just recently in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, Trump stated he didn’t see “any reason” why Russia was responsible for hacking the 2016 election, as U.S. intelligence agencies have revealed. Then the very next day back in the U.S. Trump told reporters that he misspoke in Helsinki and that when he said he saw no reason why it “would” be Russia that interfered, he meant to say he saw no reason why it “wouldn’t” be Russia that interfered.

He ran on a ticket of being a political outsider, a businessman. He said that he would run the country more like a business. Is this the way businessmen do business, speak with forked tongue? Perhaps but so do politicians. So what distinguishes Trump from other businessmen and politicians? It is the blatant lies he openly makes so publicly on twitter and in public engagements. So what motivates him to lie and double talk so frequently? Personally, I believe that he believes himself to be a genius as he has said of himself and smarter than everyone else. He speaks one message to his base and another message to others.

Trump seems to be afflicted with a comprehension and memory problem, and the attention span of a 10 year old. The only thing he seems to remember is a list of campaign promises he drew up for his base five years ago who got him elected. He has been executing these promises as quickly as he can before he forgets what that list is about. He cannot focus on anything else because they are distracting and get in the way of achieving his promises to his base who are so grateful for a president who actually lives up to his campaign promises to them even if it ends up hurting them. It doesn’t matter whether it makes sense to others or not he is boldly sticking to his mission of completing his campaign promise list whatever it takes. He believes that the ends justify the means. He doesn’t feel that he is lying. Getting the job done is all that matters. Poor memory and attention span make him live minute by minute. Believing that he is smarter than everyone else for being placed in such an important position of leading our nation leads him to say things without consideration of consequences because he is so important that things will work themselves out. He cannot be advised because he cannot be wrong. So he improves in the spur of the moment and fires anyone he feels uncomfortable with. People will listen to him. He doesn’t have to lie. Other people simply are not telling the truth about what he says which he quickly forgets soon after the words leave his mouth. He probably doesn’t later listen to his own answers to questions put to him and lets his people filter that information and tell him what he wants to hear. He subconsciously simplifies life so that it makes sense to his value to look good and be very important. He really believes that he is right and others opposing him are making up all the bad things and false news about him. He simply cannot be wrong. He has a God complex.

How he is able to run the country is something of a miracle. He has a smart person around him that understand him well enough to steer him away from falling off a cliff. That takes a special talent and real understanding of how Trump works and how to tell him something without sounding like he is being told. It is likely an attractive female because he has a soft spot for them and will be more inclined to listen. It could be his wife who is saving our nation. Whoever it is she is a real hero in my mind. The problem is that he does these things with such regularity that we are starting to become numb to his double talk and saying that is just Donald Trump being Donald Trump. But the impacts of what he does may haunt us for decades as in the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. And there may be two of them in his first term. Hopefully, this will be his last.

Whatever is driving President Trump to say the things he does, he will certainly be long remembered in history as the most disruptive president with a forked tongue ever. And that is putting it mildly. Maybe in Trump’s mind, he simply wants to be remembered as part of his PR training. Being President is just a PR stunt.

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