What’s All the Rush?

I consider myself an American progressive and maybe even a liberal. But I can very well relate to why in some more American conservative in parts of my country may consider we out West far too progressive. I do believe that progressive technological development and competition are developing at warpspeed that it is alienating a large portion of this nation and world population, not just conservatives. Technology is advancing at speeds that far outpace the great majority of people’s ability to adapt to it. By the time people feel they have mastered a piece of technology they are already two generations behind. What is the point of such rapidly advancements in technology? Some of it makes sense but most of it is just companies trying to outsell their competition by creating the facade of need, not to sell more of what the customer really needs or wants.

As a result, progressive technologies create more demand for more advanced technology that is hyped to be much better instead of what meets the best needs of customers in general. This in turn creates more waste of discarded old products and more overall pollution and greenhouse gasses from the manufacture of new technologies and new infrastructure such as 5G. It is the same for everything else in life. Instead of upgrading the old we now throw away the old for something totally new.

Why can’t electric motor kits be made to electrify our gasoline cars? Why can’t our phones be upgraded with new chips and batteries and simply be made to operate faster with better maintenance software and more efficient operating systems? We must learn to conserve more, not just learn more about conservation.

We need to slow down because our hyperspeed is the cause of much of the greenhouse gasses that go into our atmosphere causing Global Warming and fill our landfills. It is also the cause of much social-economic and political dissatisfaction in this country because the more technologically developed parts of the country are where the wealth and high paying jobs are concentrated. Why the need for all the rush? We simply need to Slow Down. What’s the point if we are first in technology but lose our soals while destroying the world?

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