COVID-19: Being Our Brothers’ Keepers

We have a cultural problem in the US where the emphasis upon individual rights over what best benefits society as a whole. It is a macho individualistic culture reflective of the Wild West. There is a lack of cooperation, compassion, and the exercise of the Golden Rule in our culture to work together for the better good of society. So we all have developed different ways of individual and regional thinking that may be totally different than in another region of this vast land.

At the start of the last century, travel was still long and labored so there was a little mix of different subcultures throughout this large country so cultures didn’t mix. Some are very conservative and very distrustful of the government. Otherwise more moderate and even others more liberal and wanting more from the government. So each enclave of society evolved into its own flavor of the geopolitical culture.

In the West, development came more than a hundred years after the rest of the country was developed when the car change mobile and immigration from Europe and Asia exploded into a huge cultural melting pot and cultural exchanges rapidly developed. As a result, change was the rule and fresh new ideas more common than the rest of the country except New York. So this became the liberal part of the country there was more tolerance of others. There was also more individualism.

Every part of society from the individual to the highest level of government has a responsibility to see to the health and welfare of society and this nation as a whole. We need to remember that we are as much a part of this nation as the nation is us. If we all would be our brothers keepers then many people will be looking after our benefits so we don’t have to depend so much on ourselves.

Hoarding food and not wearing face masks are examples of our independent nature on self reliance. A culture of caring people would willingly wear face masks and wouldn’t need to hoard or just think of themselves because everyone else would be considerate of the need of others and take just what they needed. If they ran out of anything others would share with anyone else in need. This is a much better and secure society to live in where sharing and thinking of others is the cultural norm.

Of course this is the ideal society but shouldn’t this be what we should aspire towards as a model of society? On the contrary we aspire to the rights of the self with minimal consideration that others also have the same rights. This is just the opposite of what the ideal situation should be in a society. After all we are a social being, not a lone hunting animal.

We should all have a responsibility to promote a healthy society. If we could only be far more our neighbors keepers we would all have an entire community looking after our benefit, not just ourselves. Isn’t that far better, more secure, and less stressful than just depending upon oneself?

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