A Case for the Benefits of Face Masks Against COVID-19

I am starting to take a more tone down view on lockdowns and returning to school, but a more rigorous view on the wearing of face masks. If we could all agree to wear face masks outside our house, I feel that it is okay to return to work and school.

The latest medical findings by doctors who have studied COVID-19 say that the amount of COVID-19 exposure determines how severe one gets sick. This is true of most contagious diseases. If the exposure is light, you will get a light case of the disease, which your immune system can fight off without being overwhelmed, making you asymptomatic. You then become resistant to it because your immune system is activated. The face mask acts to filter out most of the virus. While having a mild case, you may not spread it to your household members. Or they may also become asymptomatic.

If you don’t wear a face mask, you risk being open to the high exposure of the virus, which can overwhelm the immune system making you a super spreader before coming down with symptoms. There are cases where people have been asymptamatic, never showing signs, and become super spreaders.

Face masks significantly reduce the chance of becoming seriously ill and allow the immune system to slowly build up to fight off the virus without being overwhelmed. So face masks are essential to prevent becoming sick or dying of coronavirus. Asians are used to wearing face masks. That is likely why they have such low cases.

So wearing face masks may not stop people from contracting the virus, but that may be okay. Getting a low exposure is maybe like getting the vaccine. But it is no guarantee that you won’t become seriously ill. There are other factors, such as touching something contaminated by a person and rubbing it into your eyes. You can still catch it through your face mask and later become sick. There are no guarantees. You never know when you have been excessively exposed. People over 55 and people with compromised immune systems should always try to minimize exposure as much as possible. These remarks apply to younger and healthy individuals.

I am not a medical professional and am only presenting what I have found from other medical authorities on the internet. So verify what I am saying. New discoveries frequently change the minds of even the experts. It has been a little over a year since the discovery of this coronavirus pandemic.

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