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Our Young Must Save the World from US and Enact Social Change

The needs of our young voters are not being adequately served by our government at all levels. The problem is that elected officials are mostly middle aged or older individuals who have little on common with our youth. So their needs and issues are underrepresented. Continue reading

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Obama’s Weakness and Failures

My favorite presidents are Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson. What these presidents had in common were a very turbulent presidency, the skills to work behind the scenes with an often hostile congress to barter for legislation important to them, and figuring how best to get very difficult things done. When President Obama was first elected he had a much less hostile congress to work with. He was able to pass the Affordable Care Act, something other presidents had failed to do. But he was not an especially skilled politician familiar with the art of negotiating. His skills were far more adept at going out to the public to ask for their support. This won him the Presidency in two elections. But this alienated him from Congress. Legislation is at the heart of making government work which Congress owned. Continue reading

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The Big Disconnect

There seems to be a big disconnect between formal education and real life. This is no less true than the discussion for the very low turnout of young voters in America. A possible solution to this low turnout problem is to lower the voting age to a level such that what all children lean about voting in school can be related to the actual voting process while still in high school. Continue reading

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Blaming Others

During these days of political and social conflicts we seem to be in the habit of putting blame for our failures and the failures of others on everyone except ourselves.  It is so easy to blame someone else because it … Continue reading

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The Price of Poverty and Ignoance – What are our Alternatives?

The food stamp program has recently ended a temporary increase due to the downturn in the economy a few years ago and is under attack by Republican lawmakers.  They want to reduce it by $40 billion over the next 10 … Continue reading

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President Obama vs a Republican Congress

I have been critical of President Obama’s foreign policies and his failure to be transparent regarding whistle blowers as he had promised during his 2008 campaign.  I am also critical of his polities on oil and gas drilling.  So I … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Abandon Two Party Domination

Is our dysfunctional and polarized Congress what our Founding Fathers had in mind when drawing up the Constitution of the United States? Are not the two parties supposed to negotiate and enter political discussions in order to pass laws? Have our congregational members forgot what there responsibilities are or what Congress is about – the passage of laws? Continue reading

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Campaign Reform: Keep Simple + No Fundraising

Keeping campaign contributions out of the political candidate process eliminates the influence of special interest groups and forces incumbents to stand on their legislative records. This discussion reveals why current practices are corrupt and makes some recommendations for reform. Continue reading

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A Failing Democracy

The US Congress is inept and unable to function as a body that enacts laws. The polarization of the two parties results in nothing being accomplished. Congregational leaders are driven by ideology instead of compromise. Our country is fighting wars abroad and trying to spread democracy yet democracy at home is a dismal and embarrassing failure. Those who we are trying to become democratic must be laughing behind our backs at our non-functional government. Continue reading

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